Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ethan's Story

Ethan loves adventure, mystery and he loves to pretend. His favorite buddy is his dog Max. One Sunday afternoon Ethan and Max went into the back yard and the adventure began. He and Max were in a huge forest, they had been called by Forest ranger to help find the missing dog Ruby. She went out the day before and no one had been able to find her. The Forest rangers called Ethan and Max when someone was lost and hard to find. Ethan and Max walked into the forest and started to make their way through the brush. Ethan heard a noise and looked to his left. Max started to bark. All the sudden a big rattle snake sat up and wanted to bite them but Ethan was quick with his knife and cut the snakes head off. "Don't worry Max," he said "that nasty snake won' hurt us," and the continued through the forest to look for Ruby. Max and Ethan soon came to a creek. it looked pretty deep in the middle so Ethan knew they could not just walk across. Max wanted to jump in and swim but Ethan stopped him. he looked around and found a big log across the creek so he and Max walked across the log to the other side. It was just then that Max stopped and turned his head as if he was hearing something. Ethan heard the sound too. It sounded like a dog crying. "We are on our way Ruby," Ethan said. Max started to run and Ethan was right behind him. Soon they came to a big hole the dog crying got louder. Ethan looked in the hole and saw Ruby. She was laying in the bottom of the whole. It looked like she hurt her leg. Ethan pulled the radio from his belt and called for help. Soon all the rescue workers came to help. The rescue workers got Ruby out of the hole. The doctor fixed Ruby's leg and Ethan and Max took Ruby back to her boy, Remy. Remy was so excited to see Ruby he jumped up and down and clapped his hands. "Thank you Rescue Ranger Ethan," Remy said. "Just doing our job," Ethan said. just then Ethan's radio went off orange kitty stuck in a tree. "Have to go another animal needs our help." and Ethan and Max went off to their next adventure.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Have you ever seen a miracle
Have you seen the sun rise in the east with colors bright
Have you seen a rainbow in the sky after a storm
Have you seen the leaves on fall day

Have you seen a miracle
I have

Have you ever seen a miracle
Have you seen a new born baby take its first breath
Have you watched the breath leave someone for the last time
Have you seen a child smile when they see their momma's face

Have you seen a miracle
I have

Have you ever seen a miracle
Have you seen the waves come in and out on the beach
Have you seen the moon come up over the ocean
Have you seen a mother bird feed her young

Have you seen a miracle
I have

When you look at the wonders of this world
How could one deny God's Love
Have you seen His miracles
I have

Friday, November 12, 2010

When did it happen

Yesterday I was a child playing in the street.....today I am a grown up with a job

Yesterday I was in kindergarden playing with crayons....today I am a college graduate preparing to go into a master's program

Yesterday I was a little girl playing with my favorite babydoll....today I am a Memaw of three soon to four

Yesterday I was a teenager meeting a boy in the mountains of Pennsylvinia....today I am a married woman of 28 yrs

Yesterday I was playing school with my sisters.....today I am teaching cancer patients how to handle side effects of their chemo therapy

Yesterday I was playing with my cousins in the basement of my grandmother's house....today my cousin is my dearest friend

Yesterday I was crying sitting on the steps of the attic bedroom asking God WHY did he send my dad away....today my mom and dad are like a brother and sister who have grown up together

God has a wonderful way of making all our yesterdays into beautiful todays.....

Do you trust Him with yours? Mine is proof.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The lonley place

Sometimes from my lonley space

I call out to see your face

I know you are there even though I do not feel it

because I have fallen into the lonley pit

the one that calls my name only when I allow

it runs me over like a plow

as I sink into that lonley place

when I think I can not see your face

Thats when I hear The Spirit calling

That He will catch me when I am falling

All I have to do is call His name

Because He has already stated His claim

I am His and He is mine

from now until the end of time

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Nana's hands

My Nana's hands have always meant love to me. I remember a s a child holding her hand and playing with the veins that stuck up on her hands. I would rub my fingers across her hands and just hold them for as long as she would let me. She always showed us love with her hands. She would bake for hours and hours for any reason at all just for her family to have good food. She made home made noodles and the best meatballs and sauce in the world. Her wedding soup was the best in the world. Those hands would make the meatballs small or large. No one can ever make them taste so good. When I had kids she loved them too. Her hands would change their diapers and hold them when they cried. Her hands are how she showed her love. She still shows her love with those wonderful hands. I still hold her hand when I see her. They are soft as they were when I was a child. She is a wonderful woman with her hands she still shows her love b holding the hands of all of us her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren as in the picture above. I love you Nana and I always will! I wish I can be half the woman that you are.

Monday, September 6, 2010


What a wonderful sound, a little voice calling Mawmaw
What a wonderful sound, my grankids saying MeMaw
I heard many sounds in my life
But the grand kids calling me the name
that they picked out fo me
Is the best sound in the world
What a wonderful sound, a little voice calling mawmaw
What a wonderful sound, my grandkids sayin MeMaw
All the bussel of the day
With noises and those who call my name
But none is so special to me
thank when the kids call me MeMaw
What a wonderful sound, a little voice calling Mawmaw
What a wonderful sound, my grandkids calling MeMaw

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pain, Pain is all around me
My chest is burning and pressure is squeezing me
I am scared, am I dying
Sleep, sleep go back to sleep
Again I wake and there is pain
My chest, my arm there is pain
I call the doctor please help me I ask
The EKG reveals no heart trauma
It is just a panic attack
How can this not be real
I can feel it
It feels like I am dying
This only makes me feel worse
Why is this happening to me
There is no answer
Its just something that happens
Now you have to take medication
To make it stop
So here I am on the otehr side
I hope

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a mother is not

A mother is someone who walks beside you and gently guides you through adversity.
A mother is not someone who thinks everything should be their way and bully you into making a decision
A mother is someone who stands by your side when you make decisions even if she does not agree
A mother is not someone who tells you I told you so and gloats when you make a mistake
A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally no matter what
A mother is not someone who judges you and makes you fell guilty.
A mother is someone whom God has entrusted with the life of precious children
A mother is not someone who thinks they are the only right way
A mother is the true embodiment of love
A mother is not vindictive and mean
A mother is kind and forgiving to her children
A mother is not hurtful and vicious to her children.
God entrusted some woman to be mothers and others He did not.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Lord

Hello Lord Its me again
Hello Lord I am here again
Hello Lord I am asking you again
Hello Lord I know you are there
HelloLord I know that you care
Hello Lord I know you love me
Hello Lord I know you sent your son
Hello Lord I know He died for me
Hello Lord I know I know I sometime doubt
Hello Lord I know I should have faith
Hello Lord I know I should not fear
Hello Lord I know that you care
Hello Lord I know you love me
Hello Lord I know you sent your son
Hello Lord I know He died for me
Hello Lord I will try not to doubt
Hello Lord I will try not to fear
Hello Lord I will try to have faith
Hello Lord I will try to look towards you
Hello Lord I will call to you each day
Hello Lord I will pray

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

She woke in the morning just in time to hear the radio say "Duquesne Schools 2 hour delay" She rolled over pulled back the curtain and looked out her bedroom window. A sea of white was all she could see. A 2 hour delay was crazy she thought why didn't they just cancel school today. " O well she thought at least I get to sleep some more. She pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep. Before she knew it her sister was coming in the room yelling"Get out of bed its time for school!" "We should not have school today the young girl told her sister did you look out there yet?" "I did and it is time to get up now mom said we have to get up!" "OK!" the young girl muttered as she dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom. This is crazy she thought nobody will be there. She went through the motions of the morning and got ready as her mom had told her to do all the while thinking this is crazy I am not going to go. Before you know it her friends were at the door it was time to walk to school. "This is crazy" she told her friends. "Who will even make it school." "I do not know" stated one of her friends. "Lets go the back way" another friend said. "OK" they all chimed in. They walked down the main street to the alley that went down hill to the school. This was no small feat since the snow was well up to their knees in places. When they hit the back alley and stepped into it they were all amazed. The snow was actually up to their waste. All the girls, which was four total, fell into the snow laughing and immediately making snow angels. One at a time they made snow balls and wailed them at each other. "There is no way we are going to school today"one of the girls said. "Lets play a while and go back and tell your mom there was no one there.""That sounds great" another one of the girls said "everyone know the story?" "Yep" they all chimed as one. SO the girls rolled and played in the snow for what seemed like forever to them. They were all covered with snow and cold now. They headed back home. Once at home the young girl told her mom the story they had all planed and went up to her room to spend a girls day at home. As they put the radio on to listen to music the announcer said "Duquesne schools closed today". All the girls let out a cheer and started to talk about what they could do in the snow once the had a chance to get warm again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why do I let myself get into this kind of funk
Jesus love me and does not want me to harbor this junk
Yet I worry and fear and fret over every little thing
Then I let that pull me away from my God and King
The farther away the worse I feel
I just need to remember when its time to kneel
Find comfort in the loving arms
of the God who keeps me from all harm
Look to Him when I feel bad
Put my head on His shoulder when I feel sad
Talk to Him every day
and follow him in every way

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am lost in a sea of clouds
I am lost and can not be found
I am sinking in the deep abyss
My Lord its You I really miss
Where have you gone
Why am I so lost
Where did you go
Will you let me know
I am lost in a sea of clouds
I am lost and can't be found
I am sinking in the deep abyss
My Lord its You I really miss
Please show the way back to you
Please help me get through
Why do I feel so all alone
If only I could just call you on the phone
I am lost in a sea of clouds
I am lost and can't be found
I am sinking in the deep abyss
My Lord its You I really miss
Help back to loving embrace
Help me to wallow in Your grace
Let me know that you are there
Let me know that you still care
I am lost in a sea of clouds
I am lost and can't be found
I am sinking in the deep abyss
My Lord its You I really miss