Friday, November 12, 2010

When did it happen

Yesterday I was a child playing in the I am a grown up with a job

Yesterday I was in kindergarden playing with I am a college graduate preparing to go into a master's program

Yesterday I was a little girl playing with my favorite I am a Memaw of three soon to four

Yesterday I was a teenager meeting a boy in the mountains of I am a married woman of 28 yrs

Yesterday I was playing school with my I am teaching cancer patients how to handle side effects of their chemo therapy

Yesterday I was playing with my cousins in the basement of my grandmother's my cousin is my dearest friend

Yesterday I was crying sitting on the steps of the attic bedroom asking God WHY did he send my dad my mom and dad are like a brother and sister who have grown up together

God has a wonderful way of making all our yesterdays into beautiful todays.....

Do you trust Him with yours? Mine is proof.


  1. Yes, He does make yesterdays into beautiful todays. I like that you are able to see it and put it into words. ♥