Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ethan's Story

Ethan loves adventure, mystery and he loves to pretend. His favorite buddy is his dog Max. One Sunday afternoon Ethan and Max went into the back yard and the adventure began. He and Max were in a huge forest, they had been called by Forest ranger to help find the missing dog Ruby. She went out the day before and no one had been able to find her. The Forest rangers called Ethan and Max when someone was lost and hard to find. Ethan and Max walked into the forest and started to make their way through the brush. Ethan heard a noise and looked to his left. Max started to bark. All the sudden a big rattle snake sat up and wanted to bite them but Ethan was quick with his knife and cut the snakes head off. "Don't worry Max," he said "that nasty snake won' hurt us," and the continued through the forest to look for Ruby. Max and Ethan soon came to a creek. it looked pretty deep in the middle so Ethan knew they could not just walk across. Max wanted to jump in and swim but Ethan stopped him. he looked around and found a big log across the creek so he and Max walked across the log to the other side. It was just then that Max stopped and turned his head as if he was hearing something. Ethan heard the sound too. It sounded like a dog crying. "We are on our way Ruby," Ethan said. Max started to run and Ethan was right behind him. Soon they came to a big hole the dog crying got louder. Ethan looked in the hole and saw Ruby. She was laying in the bottom of the whole. It looked like she hurt her leg. Ethan pulled the radio from his belt and called for help. Soon all the rescue workers came to help. The rescue workers got Ruby out of the hole. The doctor fixed Ruby's leg and Ethan and Max took Ruby back to her boy, Remy. Remy was so excited to see Ruby he jumped up and down and clapped his hands. "Thank you Rescue Ranger Ethan," Remy said. "Just doing our job," Ethan said. just then Ethan's radio went off orange kitty stuck in a tree. "Have to go another animal needs our help." and Ethan and Max went off to their next adventure.

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