Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

She woke in the morning just in time to hear the radio say "Duquesne Schools 2 hour delay" She rolled over pulled back the curtain and looked out her bedroom window. A sea of white was all she could see. A 2 hour delay was crazy she thought why didn't they just cancel school today. " O well she thought at least I get to sleep some more. She pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep. Before she knew it her sister was coming in the room yelling"Get out of bed its time for school!" "We should not have school today the young girl told her sister did you look out there yet?" "I did and it is time to get up now mom said we have to get up!" "OK!" the young girl muttered as she dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom. This is crazy she thought nobody will be there. She went through the motions of the morning and got ready as her mom had told her to do all the while thinking this is crazy I am not going to go. Before you know it her friends were at the door it was time to walk to school. "This is crazy" she told her friends. "Who will even make it school." "I do not know" stated one of her friends. "Lets go the back way" another friend said. "OK" they all chimed in. They walked down the main street to the alley that went down hill to the school. This was no small feat since the snow was well up to their knees in places. When they hit the back alley and stepped into it they were all amazed. The snow was actually up to their waste. All the girls, which was four total, fell into the snow laughing and immediately making snow angels. One at a time they made snow balls and wailed them at each other. "There is no way we are going to school today"one of the girls said. "Lets play a while and go back and tell your mom there was no one there.""That sounds great" another one of the girls said "everyone know the story?" "Yep" they all chimed as one. SO the girls rolled and played in the snow for what seemed like forever to them. They were all covered with snow and cold now. They headed back home. Once at home the young girl told her mom the story they had all planed and went up to her room to spend a girls day at home. As they put the radio on to listen to music the announcer said "Duquesne schools closed today". All the girls let out a cheer and started to talk about what they could do in the snow once the had a chance to get warm again.