Sunday, December 25, 2011

One day long ago

One day long ago a child was born.
One day long ago a gift was given.
One day long ago the world was forever changed.
One day long ago the star shined in the sky.
One day long ago the angels sang of the birth.
One day long ago the shepherds came to see the babe.
One day long ago three kings came to praise the KING.
One day long ago a savior was born.

Some thirty years later this new born king
would die on a cross to give us hope.
The hope that He would forever live
and three days later He proved He was God.
He rose from the grave and would always be
The King of Kings and Prince of peace.

it all started one day long a go when a child was born.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

As I look around me I see you everywhere
You are in the sun shining in the sky
You are in the gentle breeze that blows through the trees
You are in the flowers blooming so pretty in spring.

As I look around me I see you everywhere
You are in the birds singing their morning song
You are in the bees busily busing around doing their work
You are in the squirrels rushing around to prepare
you are in the lizard sitting on my porch railing

As I look around I see you everywhere
Some days I can you everywhere I go
The bright blue skies
the puffy white clouds
The trees swaying in their praise to you
other times I can only see me
O how I pray to see you here and there
to look upon you and the price you paid for me
to look at you and see the beauty you placed all around me

Dear Lord I wish to praise you everyday
and thank you for all your blessings on me
so when I look around I see you everywhere

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friendship is a gift from God. He knew no man was an island.
So he set the example for us he picked 12.
Of the 12 he had a couple close friends.
That is why i believe friendship is a gift He has given us.
I cherish the people in my life.
I have Friends I have had since birth.
Friends from my childhood.
Friends from high school.
Friends I have for a few years.
All of which I cherish and thank God for.
Friends. Thank you God for knowing us and
knowing we would need good relationships to get us through