Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do Dogs go to Heaven

I wondered after hearing a dear old dog had to be put to eternal sleep."Are there animals in heaven?" I wondered about this for a while as I drifted off to sleep and into a wonderful dream. I dreamt I was walking the streets of Heaven with my Saviour Jesus at my side. The streets were paved with gold as I had heard they would be. On each side line of beautiful trees filled with bright and beautiful colors like I had never seen before. Beneath the trees were flowers of every color I could have ever imagined. They were so pretty they took my breath away. I asked my Lord the question I had wondered about 'Are there animals in heaven?" "My dear beloved daughter," He replied "Every beautiful and amazing thing you have ever seen is only better here in heaven. Let me show you." He took my hand and we were then in a field of the greenest of green grass thick, lush and perfectly mowed. In the field I saw the dog I had as a child. She was a beagle, her name was Pebbles. She ran to me like i had only been away from her for a few hours. She was young and vibrant and ready to play. I sat on the grass and cuddled with my long lost friend, she licked my face just like she used to do when I was a kid. As we humans often do I was distracted from my Lord for a moment and He said. "Heaven is the home to all my beloved creatures. It is the Garden of Eden. It is better than you could imagine." I stood up as my Lord reached out His hand to me and said "Come we have much more to see and many old friends to meet." Next we were in another field this one lined with trees of gold and red and orange. Leaves stayed in the trees and never fell to the ground but the colors only changed. All the sudden I heard a cat "Meeeooow!" It sounded like our cat Stinky whom my husband and I had for 16 years before he died. I looked down and he was walking around my legs rubbing my pants. "O my goodness!" I exclaimed as I picked him up to love on him. He was soft as he had ever been. He started to play with my hair like he did when he was a kitten. My heart was so over joyed. I looked at my Lord and thanked Him for loving me so much that He had done all this for me. He reached out His arms and embraced me and said "My dear child I love you and I died for you!" I woke up with tears of joy on my face and in awe of my amazing, wonderful, awesome saviour.