Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sharing the Love

There was a was a young girl who dreamed about places she could go and things she could do. She was a pretty girl, she had long red hair which she liked to wear in pigtails and bright green eyes. Her skin was ivory white with the slightest bit of rose blushed on her cheeks. Her name was Emma Rose. She felt like she had an empty space right where her heart should be. She wondered why she felt this was. Her life was pretty good. She had a mom and a dad who loved her, an older brother and a younger sister. Her brother was a star on the football field everyone loved him and he was smart too. Soon he would be leaving to go to college just outside of town. Her sister was still a baby really she was only two years old and made Emma laugh when she giggled for no reason at all. Everyone is happy but me Emma thought often. When I get older I will be able to do things and go places and make things and that will help me fill this empty spot she thought.
Emma saw a sign at her school it said a missionary was coming to her school all the way from China where she lived with the Chinese people and taught them about God. Wow Emma thought that would be really interesting. She wanted to learn all she could about China so she could go some day too.
The day of the missionary talk she was so excited she could not stop smiling. Just the thought of going to a foreign land made Emma smile. When she got to the auditorum she made sure she was sitting right in the front row, so she did not miss a thing. The speaker was introduced and Emma found herself smiling again she was so excited she felt a tickle in her stomach as she waited. The speaker was a young lady in her 20s. She said her name was Isabella. Emma thought she was the prettiest lady she had ever seen. She was about as tall as Emma's mom; she had long dark brown hair so dark it was almost black. Her eyes were brown like chocolate, her skin was darker than Emma's it almost looked like tan to her. She waited intently as Isabella began to talk. Isabella showed pictures of the places where she had been in China and talked about showing the people the love of God. Isabella talked about the son of God and how he died for sins of all. Emma had never heard about this before. Isabella said everyone had sinned. But what is sin Emma thought to her self and how did Isabella know Emma had done this if Emma did not know herself. Isabella explained that sin was something you do when you know its wrong like stealing from the store, or fighting with your brothers and sisters, talking back to your parents. Isabella said everyone deserved to die for the sins they had commited but God loved us so much he sent his son Jesus to save us. As Emma listened to Isabella talk she felt something stirring deep inside her heart. Isabella said all you had to do was tell Jesus that you were sorry for your sins and ask him to forgive you and he would. Isabella said after letting Jesus forgive your sins you couls ask Jesus to come live in your heart; and he would! Then Isabella told everyone to close their eyes and pray a prayer with her if you wanted Jesus in your heart. The stirring in Emma's heart grew stronger so she did as Isabella said. Emma prayed and asked Jesus to forgive her sins and come into her heart. Emma knew she would never forget that day. She felt like the empty spot had been filled!
That was 20 years ago and Emma was now a young woman herself. She smiled as she remembered that day at school and the missionary who came to her school. She knew that was a day that had changed her life forever; her empty spot was filled. She thought about her life since that day and the places she had gone to tell people about God's son Jesus. But today was extra special because today Emma was walking down the halls of the very same school she went to when she was a child. Emma was the speaker today, and she would tell the children about God's great love and how she had been blessed to share his love with people in China just like Isabella did 20 years ago.